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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Age: 20
Birthday: April 24th
Living: I live in the Tampa area of Florida U.S.
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken
:iconkneel4loki13: :heart: :iconsoldierboycaboose:
Cosplaying, Fursuiting, Role Playing

My Friends:
:iconxakirthedragon: :icontagismyname: :iconsonic1002: :iconnarutouzumaki63037: :iconmustangfiregirl: :iconmorbid-delusions: :iconkumasmash: :iconkakudomaru: :icongameboynin: :iconhopediamond101: :iconchibikaylee: :icondanichans: :iconayama-the-empress: :iconxmayachasescookiesx: :iconelf-saiyan-girl:

Favorite Artists/Cosplayers/Fursuiters:
:iconisismasshiro: :iconmlle-kamichat: :iconxemmybaby: :iconwhitepup: :iconwaynekaa: :iconvalrixa: :iconxhee-heex: :icontamberella: :iconxanioz: :icontoiea: :iconsora1992: :iconsombrastudio: :iconroshambxo: :iconres-gestae: :iconpikabellechu: :iconpharaohmones: :iconolivietta: :iconmysweetqueen: :iconmixedmayhempro: :iconmisterkay: :iconladydeven: :icongranbull-kun: :iconkamirah: :iconfotofurnl: :iconfancy-finch: :iconecokitty: :icondefying-destiny: :iconthattroubledfennec: :iconarosfair: :iconandythelemon:

My Idols:
:icontealpirate: :iconflamboyant-wreck: :iconlittlegeeky: :iconsyberwolf:
  • Listening to: Lost Without You - Delta Goodrem
  • Watching: The Lorax
  • Playing: Left 4 Dead
  • Eating: COOKIES!
  • Drinking: V8 Fruit juice
Chat-room Link! =…

Bullet; Red If you duel, please, no god modding.

Bullet; Orange If you want to have your character into the plot, try to find an opening to enter. Also, if a rp is going on, please ask before joining. You can roleplay either in a script format or in paragraph. Whatever its comfortable for you as long as others can understand what you or your character is doing in the rp. Also, please try to pay attention on what's going on in the rp. If you have to leave the desk for a few or longer, please let everyone know. If you need any reposts or the info on what's happening, please ask. 

Bullet; Yellow NO BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL!!! Obey the Rules of the Fourth Wall. No character can suddenly come into knowledge of what is happening to a character or where other characters are. It takes fun out of the Rps, its unfair to the other rpers and their plot and it's physically impossible. Check here for more info. 

Bullet; Green NO MARY SUES/GARY STUES!!! Seriously, its not “original” if you just take an existing character, changes its hair color and call it yours. NO! Originality is the key to have an unique character. If you don't know what a Mary Sue/ Gary Stu is, look here Gary Stues/Mary Sues are undesired, and shall be removed/banned. 

Bullet; Pink Don't force others to let their character react in a way they would never react. The point of rping is not knowing how the others WILL react. Also, if you are playing as a Canon character, please, PLEASE make sure that they are in character. Its okay to have then out of character here and there, but if they are not in character 24/7, you may loose your privilege of being that character.

Bullet; Red Please keep OOC in brackets of some sort. This way, we don't get confused by ooc and posts. Also, no one liner posts! Must be a paragraph or more. Please use some effort in posting.

Bullet; Red Try to have fun, role play can be fun if done properly, if you have any problems within the chat simply bring it to the attention of the chat boss and they will try to fix the problem! 

Bullet; BlackIf you would like to keep a canon character that you play, you must be active. Meaning, you must pop in to the chat and actually roleplay; at least once or twice a week. Inactivity will not be tolerated. If you're inactive, a mod will note you and inform you of such.

Bullet; Red Treat every one with respect, if someone messes up and makes a mistake, no need to rant on there case about it, simply in a calm respectful way tell them and give them helpful tips. But if you suddenly explode on them, cussing them out or being rude to their mistake, you will be instantly kicked. We all make mistakes, no need to make a big deal.  

Bullet; Red We do allow Hentai, Yaoi and Yuri, but to be courteous of the other members, please go into a private chat for the sexual intercourse scenes. Kissing and hugging is accepted. 

:redbullet: You get three characters each. One cannon character per-person and two Original Characters, or Three. Depending if you want a cannon character. That means you have to send a profile for each of your original characters. 

:redbullet: We also accept Disney and Final Fantasy characters! So, in case you do not see the cannon character in the list below, please tell me and I will put him on the list. 

:heart: Cannon Character List :heart: 

Kingdom Hearts 1 

Sora - OPEN 

Riku - OPEN 

Kairi - OPEN 

Dark Ansem - OPEN

Birth By Sleep 

Terra - OPEN 

Aqua - OPEN 

Ventus - OPEN 

Vanitus - OPEN 

Yen Sid - OPEN 

Master Xehanort - OPEN 

Braig - OPEN 

Dilan - OPEN 

Even - OPEN 

Ienzo - OPEN 

Isa - OPEN 

Lea - OPEN 

( Young ) Xehanort - OPEN 

Ansem the Wise - OPEN 

Kingdom Hearts 2 

Hayner - OPEN 

Pence - OPEN 

Olette - OPEN 

Seifer - OPEN 

Fuu - OPEN 

Rai - OPEN 

Vivi - OPEN 

Setzer - OPEN 

Namine - OPEN 

Organization 13 

Xemnas - OPEN 

Xigbar - OPEN 

Xaldin - OPEN 

Vexen - OPEN 

Lexaeus - OPEN 

Zexion - OPEN 

Saix - OPEN 

Axel - OPEN 

Demyx - OPEN 

Luxord - OPEN 

Marluxia - OPEN 

Larxene - OPEN 

Roxas - OPEN 

Xion - TAKEN - :iconkneel4loki13: 

Riku Replica - OPEN 

Moogle - OPEN 

 OC Character Sheet 

Last Name: 
Do there name have some special meaning?: 
Nicknames If They Have Any: 
Race: ( Human, Heartless, Nobody, DreamEater )
Personality: ( 1 paragraph and up ) 

Dream/Goal in life: 
Appearance: ( A picture will do just fine as well. ) 
History: ( 2 paragraphs and up ) 


~~~~ If they are a Nobody ~~~~

What number are they?: ( Has to be #15 and up. ) 
Organization Title: 
Attribute (Element): 
Limit Break: 

~~~~~ Human ~~~~~ 

Home World: 
Dream Eaters: ( If your character is a Dream Eater tamer ) 

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